• Real estate investing and ownership
  • Private equity
  • Focused markets
  • Risk-driven decision making
  • Project execution excellence
  • Preservation of capital
  • Strong returns
  • Engineered underwriting

Passive Investment Opportunities

Providing opportunities for private, direct real estate investment. We do all the work to get you there. Investments that earn you money while you spend your time on important things in life.

  • Hands-off real estate investing
  • Allows easy diversification
  • Earn regular cash flow while your principle appreciates in value
  • Enjoy all of the tax benefits of real estate investing
  • Assets are managed and operated by others

What We Do


Our business objective is to acquire, operate and deliver multifamily apartment communities with attractive investor cash flow and returns. We seek long term growth with continued investor returns and preservation of invested principal.

Target properties include:

  • Stabilized Class B or C+ multifamily
  • 100+ units, built between 1975-2000
  • Garden style design, 3 floors or less
  • Pitched roofs
  • Performing assets
  • Value add opportunities
  • Texas triangle (DFW-Houston-San Antonio and all points between)
  • Typical hold period – 5 to 7 years

Model Execution

Our operating model includes full cycle execution from finding deals to selling the asset. Our approach is to execute with an engineered discipline and strict attention to detail. This ensures all risks are identified and mitigation plans are in place for effective risk management.

  • Market research and deal sourcing
  • First tier analysis, test fundamentals
  • Second tier analysis, due diligence
  • Debt structuring, capital stack development
  • Execution of acquisition and business formation
  • Property management subcontracting and operations
  • General contracting value add project execution
  • Cash flow operations and property stabilization
  • Final capital return, property disposition, dissolution

Value Distinction

We utilize practiced and proven methods to make informed decisions that meet our tolerance for risk. Every component of execution is assessed for potential risk elements that could derail an opportunity. The assessment results in a mitigation strategy that helps continually guide our decisions. Our goal is to provide full transparency to investors of all details related to the important decisions that are executed by the team. As investors, we value the research of the unknown and question all aspects of the process to ensure that the best possible results are achieved. We have developed our blog, The Apartment Engineer, to help educate and inform our investor community. Together, we have confidence that our investments will achieve their best returns and preservation of capital.

Our primary focus is Houston Multifamily apartments. This market is poised for strong opportunities now that Dallas and Austin are saturated and highly competitive with compressed cap rates. We are local and dedicate full time to this effort. We are also available for ‘boots on the ground’ asset management support for remote syndicators and sponsors interested in investing in the Houston market.

About Us

Provost Investments strategically partners with other syndicators, sponsors and key principals to develop high quality investment opportunities. These team members are experienced commercial real estate owners and asset managers with successful track records that complement our own.

Mitch Provost, PE, PMP

Mitch Provost, PE, PMP


Mitch's real estate experience includes single family, multifamily and land development. In addition to owning multiple single family student housing properties at Texas A&M, he is a limited partner in over 500 multifamily units and a member in a portfolio of over 100 hard money loans.

Mitch's former career spanned 33 years as a Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager/Director in the construction industry. He has managed project budgets exceeding $350 million with some projects generating profits exceeding $70 million. He was the risk manager on a project portfolio worth over $2 billion. He has directly managed general contractors with budgets up to $200 million and managed teams with over 100 professionals.​

All of Mitch's corporate experience has been in either Dallas or Houston Texas. He has made his home in the Houston area with his wife for the last 23 years. He has three sons in high school and college.

The Apartment Engineer

Applying engineering principles to apartment deals

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